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Industrial Janitorial Services

The industrial janitorial services we provide at Property Works will make it easy for you to enjoy safe and healthy industrial facilities. Our staff members are specially trained, and all supervisors are bilingual. Your industrial environment will be cleaned properly, ensuring that germs are eliminated. We understand that productivity can be diminished as a result of illness and that proper cleaning can help promote health and safety.

A Cleaner Workplace

We use the best and most efficient cleaning technologies for every area of your manufacturing facilities. A cleaner, safer environment is ensured for employees in laboratories, office cubicles, locker rooms, conference rooms, warehouses, and loading docks.

When floors are dirty, greasy, or wet, slips and falls can occur. Every year, more than 95 million workdays are missed as a result of slip and fall accidents. We have the techniques and cleaning products that will help reduce incidents that occur on slippery surfaces.

Protect Employee Health

With Property Works providing industrial janitorial services for your facilities, the clean environment employees work in will promote health, both physically and mentally. A clean restroom and clean breakroom both help to create a healthier, more pleasant work environment for employees. Improved productivity is one of the byproducts of a sparkling workplace.

Improve Brand Image

There are numerous residual benefits to ensuring that an industrial environment is clean. One is an improved brand image. Potential employees are more attracted to a positive work environment as are vendors and customers.

Industrial Janitorial Services Done Right

Property Works provides the best in industrial janitorial services. We understand the wide variety of environments within manufacturing facilities and have the tools and equipment needed to keep work spaces safe, clean, and healthy.