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Our full-service janitorial benefits include recycling. Large facilities can cut costs and help the environment by recycling. At Property Works, we customize recycling programs for our clients, upon request. These efforts can help you meet regulatory requirements, create improvements in the operation of your facility, and contribute to efforts toward a cleaner world.

Benefits of Recycling

Waste removal comes standard with our janitorial services. Converting waste is optional, though it has many benefits. Recycling, with a proper recycling program, can divert up to 80% of your waste from landfills. Items that can be recycled include: glass bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper, cardboard, and aluminum cans. More on the industrial side, it’s also good to recycle: batteries, electronics, hazardous waste, metal, motor oil, and demolition debris. The following are among the benefits of a commercial recycling program: