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Textile Janitorial Services

Our full-service janitorial and maintenance services from Property Works meet the needs of textile manufacturers. The textiles industry shares the top objectives of many other manufacturers, including safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency. The reliable cleaning services we provide contribute to these objectives.

Safe Work Environment

Cleanliness is a significant component of workplace safety. Janitorial services provided by Property Works help to keep manufacturing facilities free of workplace hazards. We have high standards with regard to maintaining cleanliness and use environmentally friendly cleaners. The cleaning products we use protect manufacturing employees who might otherwise be exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals.

In manufacturing environments, airborne particles must be kept at a minimum. The microfiber products we use help to mitigate particles so that it isn’t necessary to remove them from the air. Our specialized cleaning techniques used for vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning meet requirements for specialized techniques.

In addition to front office and production office cleaning, we provide janitorial services related to warehouse and production floor maintenance and cleaning, specialty services, restroom cleaning and maintenance, recycling programs, waste removal, and other janitorial needs within the textiles industry.