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School Janitorial Services

School janitorial services provided by Property Works are provided with careful attention to all that is unique in the environment. With children prone to pass germs from one to another, cleanliness is of utmost importance. We have the special knowledge and training needed to give the right kind of attention to such sensitive areas as water fountains, keyboards, library tables, and cafeteria tables. We also have a bilingual supervisor, to ensure that communication is clear and expectations for school full-service janitorial are exceeded.

Janitorial Services for Schools

Our professional janitorial staff uses green cleaning products and methods in accordance with LEED standards. General cleaning in schools includes walkways, classrooms, cafeterias, playrooms, entranceways, break rooms, offices, auditoriums, physical activity areas, and libraries. Property Works janitorial teams provide chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning; stripping, waxing, and buffing of floors; shampooing of carpets; interior and exterior window cleaning; commercial cleaning and disinfecting of restrooms; sanitation and mopping in hard-to-reach spaces; and much more.

Additional Janitorial Services

Property Works can also meet a school’s specific needs for recycling, day cleaning, porter services, specialty cleaning and maintenance, and trash out services.