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High-Tech Janitorial Services

Property Works provides specialized janitorial services for high-tech facilities. When specialized equipment and processes are used and cleaning must be done with an understanding of proper procedures and best practices, contact our Janitorial Department at Property Works. We provide quality cleaning services for research and development facilities, high technology manufacturing, networking, software, and much more.

Janitorial Services for High-Tech Facilities

At Property Works, we understand the unique janitorial needs of high-tech facilities. Our janitorial team has extensive training. An on-site bilingual manager is always on hand for quality control. Examples of the services we perform are the following:


Cleaning of high technology manufacturing equipment


Clean room services


Computer room cleaning


Controlled environment cleaning

Additional Janitorial Services

In addition to high-tech janitorial services, Property Works provides basic janitorial services, such as cleaning and disinfecting lavatories, full-service janitorial, recycling, day cleaning, specialty cleaning and maintenance, trash out, and porter services.