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Automobile Dealership Janitorial Services

Janitorial services at automobile dealerships are in many ways front and center. The entire customer experience in a car dealership needs to be positive. From shiny showrooms to pristine bathrooms, at Property Works we understand that the standards for cleanliness are high. From the snack area to the car sales showrooms to restrooms and office cubicles, our janitorial teams have the equipment, training, and know how to contribute to the overall positive image that automobile dealerships expect.

Specialized Janitorial Needs of Auto Dealerships

In the auto sales industry, we recognize that consistent cleanliness is a must. All surfaces should appear to have a like-new shine. Top concerns include glass cleaning, dusting, disinfecting, trash removal, and floor care and restroom cleaning on an exceptional level. The car sales market is highly competitive, and we understand that the contribution our janitorial staff makes with regards to creating a positive image is crucial. All of our janitorial teams are supervised by bilingual managers who ensure accurate coordination of all needed tasks.

More Janitorial Services

Property Works can also meet an automobile dealership’s needs for recycling, day cleaning, porter services, specialty cleaning and maintenance, and trash out services.